Hotline Hair Ties Grab Bag

Hotline Hair Ties Grab Bag

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Included in the grab bag is 3 original size , 1 mini and 1 skinny!

Colors will vary.

Our Original size is the one you will see in all our standard Hotline sites, glitter sets, matte sets, Luxe sets, etc. These are great for medium to slightly thick hair. People with thinner hair CAN use these, however, because they can be wrapped a few times. Typically, Original size hair ties will wrap three times around your hair.
These Hotlines are very versatile. Thinner hair can use these perfectly for ponytails as they can be easily wrapped 3-4 times. Medium to thick hair can also use these for ponytails wrapped 2-3 times. We also love them for messy buns, where you can get it loosely wrapped just twice.
Minis are great for thinner hair, but we also love using these when doing a half-up/half-down hairstyle or when you're tying off a braid. They're a must-have to complete your Hotline collection for every hairstyle you can do!

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